Short Curriculum of Research

Prof Paul Martin Holterhus


University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel, Germany
Department of Pediatrics, Hormone Centre North, UKSH

Research Activities

Our group is interested in the biochemistry of androgen biosynthesis and has developed reference methods for steroid profiling in DSD using tandem mass specrometry. In addition, we focus on the cellular implementation of androgen action at the level of the transcriptome and the epigenome. Research has been funded by German Government (BMBF), by EU (7FP7) and has been and is currently funded by the German Resaearch Council (DFG).

Education/ Training

in 2006Board certification Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
in 2003Board certification Pediatrics
2000-2001German Research Council Post Doc Fellwoship, Standford University, USA
1995-1996ESPE Visiting Scholarship, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
1994-2005Residency in Pediatric and fellowships

Research Experience/ Academic Appointments

Since 2013Executive Secretary Endocrinology, Hormone Centre North, Kiel
Since 2009Head of Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes in the Medical Outpatient Centre (MVZ), Kiel
since 2006Head of Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, Department of Pediatrics, UKSH, Kiel
2005-2010Frederik Paulsen Professorship in pediatric Endocrinology

Important Scientific Prizes/ Functions

in 2014Dietrich Knorr Award 2014 of the German Pediatric Endocrine Society
in 2006ESPE Hormone Research Award of the European Society of Pediatric Endocrinology
in 2002J├╝rgen Bierich Award of the German Pediatric Endocrine Society
2007-2011Board member of the German Pediatric Endocrine Society (APE)
2005-2007Board member of the German Pediatric Diabetes Society (AGPD)


5 main publications with relevance to DSDnet (last 5 years)

  • Werner R, Holterhus PM (2014) Androgen action. Endoc Dev. 27:28-40
  • Ammerpohl O, Bens S, Appari M, Werner R, Korn B, Drop SL, Verheijen F, van der Zwan Y, Bunch T, Hughes I, Cools M, Riepe FG, Hiort O, Siebert R, Holterhus PM (2013) Androgen receptor function links human sexual dimorphism to DNA methylation. PLoS One 8:e73288
  • Kulle AE, Welzel M, Holterhus PM, Riepe FG; Implementation of a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry assay for eight adrenal C-21 steroids and pediatric reference data; Horm Res Paediatr. 2013;79(1):22-31.
  • Bens S, Ammerpohl O, Martin-Subero I, Appari M, Richter J, Hiort O, Werner R, Riepe FG, Siebert R, Holterhus PM (2011) Androgen receptor mutations are associated with altered epigenomic programming as evidenced by HOXA5 methylation. Sex Dev  5:70-76