The European Network for Psychosocial Studies in Intersex/Diverse Sex Development (EuroPSI) is a professional network founded by psychologists and care users, with the aim of advancing psychological well-being in people with atypical sex development via professional approaches to care and advocacy.

The network draws on a number of disciplines including social sciences, gender studies, medicine, bioethics, and organisational development, to expand on the currently delimiting responses to atypical sex anatomies in Westernised societies, where variations have come to be understood in disease terms.

EuroPSI seeks to broaden the understanding of sex embodiment and gender expression via innovative and critical psychosocial knowledge frameworks. It encourages research and interventions that take account of care users’ perspectives and bring tangible psychological benefits to affected people (and also to their advocates and care providers).

Membership is invited from psychologists/counsellors (or doctors in those teams where as yet there is no psychologist).

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