Short Termin Scientific Missions in Grant Period IV


Determinants of satisfaction with surgery in intersex/DSD: the development of a multidimensional long-term evaluation model.

Name of ScientistTim van der Grift
Home InstitutionVU University medical center depts. of Medical Psychology & Plastic Surgery (NL)
Host InstitutionKarolinska University Hospital, Solna dept. of Women’s and Children’s Health (SE)
HostProf Agneta Nordenskjöld
Start / End Date31.10.16 / 15.11.2016 
Financial Support2.230 €
Grant PeriodIV (01.05.2016 - 30.04.2017)



Molecular identification of Disorders of Sex Development in patients with 46,XY karyotype with the use of New Generation Sequencing technology

Name of ScientistZofia Kolesinska
Home InstitutionPoznan University of Medical Science (PL)
Host InstitutionCentre Hospilatier Universityire Vaudois CHUV, Lausanne (CH)
HostNelly Pitteloud
Start / End Date31.10.16 / 28.11.16
Financial Support2.500 €
Grant PeriodIV (01.05.2016-30.04.2017)



Phenotypic predictors of Androgen Receptor mutation in suspected Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

Name of ScientistDr Mariam Kourime
Home InstitutionCollege of Medical, Veterinary and Life Scienses, Glasgow (UK)
Host InstitutionUniversität zu Lübeck (DE)
HostProf. Olaf Hiort
Start / End Date11.03.17 / 17.03.17
Financial Support1.620 €
Grant PeriodIV (01.05.2016-30.04.2017)



Prenatal Assessment and Treatment of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia with Dexamethasone - A Longitudinal Study of Outcome Measures for Mother and Child (PREDEX): the Italian sample

Name of ScientistSofia Vissani, PhD
Home InstitutionS. Orsola Malpighi University Hosiptal, Bologna (IT)
Host InstitutionKarolinska University Hospital, Solna dep. of Women's and Children's Health, Stockholm (SE)
HostSvetlana Lajic
Start / End Date20.03.17 / 04.04.2017
Financial Support2.500 €
Grant PeriodIV (01.05.2016-30.04.2017)