International Workshop Sex development and Maturation


The final workshop of the COST Action DSDnet connects European countries and international partners. DSDnet has been quite successful and its results and statements will be a major focus of the workshop.

Moreover, currently we are forming the European Reference Network of Rare Endocrine Condition (Endo-ERN) and in this new network, the Main Thematic Group “Sex Development and Maturation” was created to encompass both the interests of DSDnet as well as the scientific and clinical merits of GnRH-network, another very recent COST Action. At this workshop, we will also present the main achievements of GnRH-network and finally hope to exchange new ideas and concepts for common scientific advances in the field of “Sex Development and Maturation”.

The workshop is meant to connect clinical and basic scientist as well as international experts with young Trainees who were able to attend the Training Schools of DSDnet as well as the Endo-ERN members of the Main Thematic Group “Sex Development and Maturation”. In addition to invited lectures, we especially invite the previous Trainees to present posters with their current research in the field. We will be able to provide a limited number of travel grants to poster presenters from the previous Trainees.

Location:Universität zu Lübeck, Lübeck (DE)

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