Welcome to the homepage of the COST Action DSDnet: A systematic elucidation of differences of sex development (DSD). We are building a network of all people interested in DSD, from leading scientists to clinicians, as well as people with DSD. It is our aim to obtain new knowledge on the biological pathways of sex development in humans, but also to provide information on management for those physicians and psychologists caring for people with DSD. Furthermore, we want to provide a platform for all people with DSD, not only for those seeking medical advice, but also about peer support groups, as well as about the societal and cultural issues around DSD. 

DSD describe a heterogeneous group of conditions with an unusual sex development, often with effect on the appearance of the genitalia and the reproductive system. Most of these conditions are genetically determined and they demonstrate vividly the complexity of natural variants for the development of the usual sexes. DSD has a very wide range and people with DSD may have serious medical problems, but more often they may also be perfectly healthy. Acceptance of DSD is of high importance to our societies, both in a scientific way as well as in public, because DSD challenges our usual binary thinking of male and female.

This COST Action will form a network for Europeans and International Partners to provide general information on DSD, to give access to national Centres of Expertise, where care for people with DSD is possible, and to promote excellent research on the genetic and molecular pathways of sex development.To achieve these goals, DSDnet has formed five working groups with different topics and will use its fund to provide training and exchange of eligible people. New members and innovative contributions to the Action are very much appreciated. If you want to participate in the Action activities and/or join one or several working groups please don’t hesitate to contact us.